Developing hardware is hard.

Our concept development tools make starting a breeze for new hardware companies.

Are you struggling in the early stages of a hardware startup? Or just have a great hardware idea that needs definition? PHIDI is the right place to start.

PHIDI offers tools that curate the specific essential turn-key design and engineering services you need to convert your hardware product idea into reality.

What is hardware? Any product , gadget, or tool that can be physically touched. These products  can incorporate software as well, and we can help with that too…

Developing early hardware concepts can be expensive and tedious. PHIDI’s tools can save you weeks of time and help minimize capital risk by guiding and automating the concept development process. Our tools are focused on delivering design artifacts that yield the highest traction for your idea. Our goal is to make your idea more compelling, more investable, and lay the technical groundwork for successful post-concept product development.

Concept Visual
Appearance Prototype
Functional Prototype

Concept Visual

The first deliverable in our process is a digital twin of your idea in the form of a 3D model. This 3D model will blueprint the form and internal envelope of your product. Also, the model can be rendered into a product visualization, to convey customer use cases and your strategic vision. This is the most cost efficient “first step” to developing traction for your idea.

Appearance Prototype

The second deliverable is an appearance prototype. An appearance prototype is a non-functional prototype, composed of the materials foreseen in final product or 3D printed with the desired surface finish. Appearance prototypes allow you to get initial reaction data from users on tangible factors like preferred feel and proportion. Positive feedback from this data validates your concept and can be used as traction. Negative feedback signals the need to pivot for a better solution.

Functional Prototype

Producing a prototype is where your idea becomes a real functional product. A prototype is a pre-production version of your product that simulates the intended form, fit, and function of the future production model. Prototype development can be a big task for a new company, so PHIDI simplifies it by managing project specifications for you.

I knew I needed some sort of visual for investors during my pitch. PHIDI turned my concept and a simple sketch into a photo-realistic 3D model. It was super impressive, and the communication was a breeze. I ended up securing the funding.

Dillon C., Los Angeles, CA

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